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Read, Follow, and Support LawfareBlog

This OTYCD entry originally posted in July 2017.


Read, follow, and support Lawfare, a blog that tackles many legal issues that happen to affect Trump and his administration.


Lawfare launched in September 2010 and represents the sort of thing we at OTYCD wish we’d known about before Trump was elected, because it is fascinating, smart, and occasionally a source of comfort. It probes “that nebulous zone in which actions taken or contemplated to protect the nation interact with the nation’s laws and legal institutions.”


You’ll be utterly unsurprised to learn that Trump and his minions are keeping Lawfare‘s bloggers particularly busy lately.



See the Lawfareblog home page here:



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Below are a few choice stories that illustrate why Lawfareblog is a must-read (if not the breeziest read, but hey, it doesn’t pretend to be):



The Rules of Congressional Investigations and Trump’s Growing Russia Problem:



How to Deal with Reichstag Fire Fears in the Age of Trump:



(From July 2016): Jim Comey’s Statement on the Clinton Emails: A Quick and Dirty Analysis:




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Escape Your Bubble

Escape Your Bubble: Follow Rick Wilson on Twitter

This OTYCD entry originally posted in August 2017.


Escape your bubble by following Rick Wilson on Twitter.


Wilson is a Florida-based political consultant who has worked primarily for Republicans, producing television for Senate candidates, governors, and the like.


He gained new prominence during the 2016 presidential campaign, when he turned the full force of his vitriol on Trump and his supporters. Suffice it to say his vitriol is concentrated, deadly, and goddamn entertaining.


Obligatory warning, with apologies for bonking you all on the head about this fact: Wilson holds at least some different political beliefs than you do. That means he’ll sometimes say things and do things that don’t match your beliefs, and which might piss you off well and thoroughly. That’s ok. Really, it’s OK. You’re being asked to look at what he’s doing and support what you like, not endorse every last little everything he does. He understands the danger of Trump–that’s the key thing. One of the reasons this country is so borked right now is we’re fiercely polarized and, in avoiding jerks who disagree with us, we end up avoiding decent people who happen to disagree with us. That’s got to stop if we want to make things better.



Follow Rick Wilson on Twitter:




Bonus: Read his articles at The Daily Beast, which include this:


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Ask Your House Rep to Support H.R. 2884, the COVFEFE Act

This OTYCD entry originally posted in June 2017.

Ask your House rep to support H.R. 2884, the Communications Over Various Feeds Electronically for Engagement Act, aka the COVFEFE act. 

OK, Illinois Democrat Mike Quigley was having a bit of fun when he named his act, but it has a serious and worthy purpose. It would amend the Presidential Records Act of 1978 to specify that a president’s communications over social media count as presidential records.

Amending the law in this manner formally recognizes that Donald Trump’s tweets, be they from his POTUS account or his personal account, are considered presidential communications, and must be documented for posterity. The law could also prevent Trump and future presidents from deleting tweets and might prevent a president from blocking individuals on Twitter.


Read GovTrack’s backgrounder on the COVFEFE Act:


See the GovTrack page on the bill:


Read the text of the COVFEFE Act:




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Follow Other Democratic Members of Congress on Social Media

This OTYCD entry originally posted in January 2017.

Are you a fan of California Senator Kamala Harris? How about New Jersey Senator Cory Booker? Or Minnesota House rep Keith Ellison?

Trolls target the social media postings of these and other popular Democratic members of Congress online, making nasty comments on their Facebook pages and their tweets.

You already know that you should not call members of Congress who do not represent you. They do not listen to citizens who live outside their legislative area. But you can support Democratic members of Congress you like, but who don’t represent you, by following them on social media. 

Liking and sharing their posts helps get their message out. While you should still pay the most attention to your own reps’ social media accounts, following other Democrats online lets you know what those like-minded folks are saying and doing.

Learning what they are doing readies you to call your own reps and ask them to support what those out-of-state Democrats are doing. You can indirectly help Democrats you like by asking your own Congressional delegation to join forces with them on specific bills and actions that matter to you.

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Follow Legal Expert Renato Mariotti on Twitter And Support His Campaign To Be Illinois’s Attorney General

This OTYCD entry originally posted in November 2017.


Follow legal expert Renato Mariotti on Twitter, and support his campaign to serve as Illinois’s next attorney general. 


When something happens in Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation, Mariotti, a formal federal prosecutor, tweets solid explanations that are blessedly light on jargon.


He’s quick on the draw, his takes make sense, and he’s careful to acknowledge when he’s forming an educated guess.


Since becoming a Twitter sage and a go-to legal expert for television shows, Mariotti has announced his candidacy for Illinois Attorney General. The election takes place in 2018. (Lisa Madigan, the Democratic incumbent, has decided not to run for a fifth term.) He faces six others in the Democratic primary. Please support his efforts.



See Mariotti’s campaign website:



Follow him on Twitter:




See his ‘Meet Renato’ page:



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Read an October 2017 Politico piece on Mariotti declaring his candidacy:

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Tell Your House Rep to Censure Rep Steve King For His Racist Tweet

Tell your House Representative to censure Steve King, their Republican colleague from Iowa, for the flagrantly racist tweet he sent on Sunday.

King (not to be confused with the best-selling author–that guy lives in Maine, and his political tweets are largely progressive) is a piece of work. He’s questioned what non-white people have contributed to civilization. He sponsored the anti-abortion “heartbeat” bill. And on March 12, he fired off this fetid nugget of filth:

Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.

(King appears to be referencing Geert Wilders, a far-right Dutch politician.)

Twitter is pasting King from 31 different directions over this breathtakingly gross tweet, as it should.


Charlie Pierce (who you should read on and follow on Twitter, btw) summed it up when he tweeted:

This is the most purely racist thing said by a sitting congresscritter in at least 40 years. Should get him censured by the House.


Paul Begala, who counseled Bill Clinton when he was president, responded:

Amen, brother Pierce. Sadly, “should” is a long damn way from “will.”


You know what to do.


Sample script: “Dear (House Representative Lastname,) I am (Firstname, Lastname, from town, zip code), and I’m calling to ask you to censure your colleague Steve King. You might have heard about the racist tweet he sent on March 12–it was unspeakably disgusting and wrong at its core. No one, and especially not a sitting Congressman, should be able to make such pro-white supremacy statements without suffering swift and firm consequences. Please move to censure him.”


You can bet that when the time comes, OTYCD will let you know who steps forward to challenge him in 2018, and we’ll encourage you to support his opponent and flush him from office like the piece of human waste he is.

In the meantime, make those calls.


Follow Charlie Pierce:



Follow Paul Begala:









Thank You Actions

Thank House Rep. John Lewis and Senator Cory Booker

Thank members of Congress John Lewis and Cory Booker for speaking out against Trump and his cabinet nominees.

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker testified against against Jeff Sessions, nominee for the United States Attorney General, during his Judiciary Committee hearings earlier this week. This was an especially brave act. It might be the only time that a sitting U.S. senator has testified against another sitting U.S. senator.

John Lewis, a civil rights hero who stands for Georgia’s Fifth District in the House of Representatives, also testified powerfully against Sessions at the Judiciary Committee hearings. Text for his remarks and a tape of Booker’s speech is below.

Side note: Know also that Lewis is under fire for saying on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd why he won’t be attending the upcoming presidential inauguration–the first he’s skipped since becoming a Congressman: “I don’t see this president-elect as a legitimate president. I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected, and they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton… I think there was a conspiracy on the part of the Russians and others to help him get elected. That’s not right. That’s not fair. That’s not the open democratic process.” A clip of the appearance, in which Lewis speaks this quote, is below; the full interview airs on the morning of Sunday January 15.

Lewis has received a lot of support on social media, but he’s also getting flak from Trump and his nastier minions. (You read that right–Trump wasn’t smart enough to avoid attacking John Lewis on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend.)

If either man is one of your members of Congress, call their offices on Tuesday to thank them. If they are not, send a thank-you postcard to these addresses (And if you’re upset about Booker’s vote against importing pharmaceutical drugs from Canada, send a second finger-wagging postcard–best to have one message per card) :


Senator Cory Booker

One Gateway Center

23rd Floor

Newark, NJ 07012


House Representative John Lewis

100 Peachtree St NW

Suite 1920

Atlanta, GA 30303


You can also tweet your thanks to Booker:



And you can tweet Lewis or leave a message on his Facebook page:



See Cory Booker’s testimony against Jeff Sessions:


Read John Lewis’s testimony against Jeff Sessions:


See a clip from Lewis’s appearance on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd (the full interview airs on Sunday January 15):

John Lewis: Donald Trump not ‘a legitimate president’


More on Lewis’s statement and Trump’s response on Twitter:


And here’s a piece on the vote that Booker and 12 other Democrats took against the Sanders-Klobuchar amendment on importing prescription drugs. Twelve Republicans voted in favor. This occurred during the early-morning January 12 “vote-a-rama”.