Your 2019 To-Do List


It’s not 2020 yet, but you know there’s probably things you can do right now.

You’re right. There are.

This is a landing page for tasks you can do in this “off” year, between the mid-terms and the next presidential election.

We’ll add links to this page as other relevant posts go live on OTYCD. Please check back often to catch newly posted material.

When 2019 is over, this page will disappear from the blog header.



[Editor’s note: The first two things on this list were helping with local and state 2019 elections and helping assorted Democratic presidential candidates earn a place on the debate stage. The expiration dates on both have passed, so those entries have been deleted.]


First, a task that will remain true up until the deadlines hit in 2020: Help register people to vote.

We’ve seen that Republicans view voters as a threat. If they can curtail, restrict, frustrate, or shut down voter registration drives, they will.

You have several options for helping people register to vote:


Help Andrew Gillum register Floridians to vote through his organization, Bring it Home Florida.


Support Fair Fight, the organization Stacey Abrams created in the wake of her narrow loss of Georgia’s governorship to Brian Kemp, the Republican who ran while keeping his role as Secretary of State, and thus control of the state’s voter rolls. [How that’s legal or even faintly OK, with anyone, anywhere, ever, I have no idea.] The organization advocates for, and defends, free and fair elections in Georgia and elsewhere. Also see its Fair Fight 2020 campaign.


Support the efforts of Spread the Vote, which helps people obtain IDs and other paperwork their home states require to register.


Support Let America Vote, which fights back against attempts at voter suppression. This is Jason Kandor’s organization.


Support the U.S. Vote Foundation, which tells you everything you need to know about casting a ballot, whether you’re at home, voting absentee, or in the military, or whatever variation applies to you.


If you know someone who’s turning 17 this year or next, consult Headcount’s spreadsheet of information on which states allow people under 18 to register or pre-register to vote.


Make sure you’re registered to vote.


Keep talking to friends and family about voting, and the importance of voting. (Yes, the story talks about the 2018 mid-terms. Much of the info still applies.)


Examine your local polling place. If it’s not accessible to disabled voters, start pursuing solutions now so they’re in place by November 2020.


Also, keep an eye out for state chapters and local organizations that help people near you register to vote, and teach people what your regional laws are. The League of Women Voters is a good place to start, but searching [Your State] or [Your Region, City, or Town] plus “Voting Registration” or “Get Out the Vote” should yield results.



Start a 2020 fund for Democratic candidates you’ll want to support.




Keep writing postcards for Tony the Democrat’s GOTV campaigns for state, local, and special elections.


See Tony’s Facebook page for word on the newest campaigns.


Recruit writers in person for Tony the Democrat’s postcard campaigns.


If you have no time to write GOTV postcards but you do have money, you can sponsor postcard-writers.




With the religious right pushing ridiculous anti-choice bills in hopes of nuking Roe vs. Wade, now is a good time to see what abortion laws are on the books in your state. If they’re restrictive, campaign to get rid of them.



See if your state has voted to support a Constitutional Convention. If they have, ask your state-level representatives to rescind it.